Shipping crates offer a great way to keep goods safe during transport from one location to another. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the perfect crate for your needs. Custom shipping crates are designed and created to meet specific requirements, making them different from standard, store-bought crates. Let’s take a look at 8 things that make custom shipping crates different from ordinary crates.

Things to know:

1. Sturdy Construction:

Custom shipping crates are made of heavy-duty materials and constructed to be durable and reliable, ensuring safe transport of your goods. Most are built from tough plywood, with galvanized steel used for furniture crates and corrugated plastic used for electronics. Some crates are also reinforced with steel or aluminum frames and reinforced corners. This extra reinforcement provides the strength and security your goods need to survive long-distance transportation.

2. Custom Sizing:

Standard shipping crates often come in predetermined sizes, meaning you may have to make do with insufficient space or purchase an oversized crate. With custom shipping crates, however, you get the exact size you need, taking up only the space needed and leaving room for other items. This will help you save on expenses, as you don’t have to pay for extra space in your crate.

3. Ventilation:

In order to protect the goods inside from damage due to moisture or temperature, ventilation is often necessary. This can range from small air vents to holes that provide ventilation throughout the entire contents of the crate. Custom shipping crates are designed with this ventilation in mind, ensuring the items inside are kept at optimal temperature and humidity levels.

4. Added Protection:

Standard shipping crates are designed for basic protection, but custom shipping crates can be made with additional protection in mind. The walls can be thicker, and the crates can be lined with foam as well as foam cushions for extra protection. This will keep the contents safe no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

5. Additional Equipment:

Most custom shipping crates come equipped with accessories like straps, buckles, and other fixtures. This helps keep the goods secure during transportation, further protecting them from external elements, such as changes in temperature or sudden impacts.

6. Versatile Uses:

Custom shipping crates can be used to ship a variety of items, from large furniture to delicate electronic components. Manufacturers design and construct the crates to accommodate your specific needs, allowing you to transport whatever items you need with peace of mind.

7. Graphics:

Custom shipping crates can be decorated with company logos, names, and other graphics to make them stand out from the crowd. This helps your package stand out and makes it easier for your recipient to recognize and identify their order.

8. Compliance:

Most custom shipping crates are built to comply with specific international standards and regulations. This helps your package cross international borders without issue, saving you from delays or customs issues.

Custom shipping crates have several advantages over standard shipping crates. They are built with heavy-duty materials and designed to provide sturdy protection for your goods. Custom shipping crates come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to transport whatever items you need with peace of mind. Additionally, they come with ventilation for sensitive items and may also be equipped with straps and buckles for further security. The graphics, added protection, and compliance with customs regulations further make custom shipping crates the ideal choice for transporting items worldwide.